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The Havoc Foundation is partially funded by Havoc Tactical Solutions, a veteran and first responder owned and operated small business. Please read our full story below. The business provides paychecks to veterans and first responders and 100% of the profits beyond liabilities go to the Havoc Foundation. Our goal is to continue to grow and create more and more jobs through the business and distributorship. 


If you or your business use any oil or lubricants we would like the opportunity to be your supplier. This is a direct way to help us continue the mission as some of the men and women who come through the foundation will be working on the business side and again the profits funnel back into the foundation. 


Ways to Support Us:


Purchase Products

Become a Dealer 


Provide Expertise

Spread the Word

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The Full Story

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The Havoc Foundation is made up of military veterans, first responders and compassionate civilians who will stop at nothing to change the landscape of the homeless and suffering veteran and first responder community. We have recognized that no level of individual success can fill in the hole that exists in our souls so long as our brothers and sisters are suffering in this world. Knowing this we have decided to spend the rest of our days working toward finding rest for our community. 


Through our business at Havoc Tactical Solutions LLC, we were presented the opportunity of a lifetime and asked by the amazing people at Lucas Oil to be a distributor for their products and not simply a distributor but for the Government, First Responder and Veteran Owned Business markets!


It was clear very quickly that this opportunity had to be leveraged to spread the wealth throughout the community that we believe is currently struggling together. Havoc Tactical Solutions is transitioning the business to run for the benefit and in behest of the Havoc Foundation. We have brought together a Board of Directors with vast experience to get this project started who have broad experience to include running Veteran Houses and foundations. We have stood up and shut down military bases and Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) that have housed thousands of troops both overseas and here at home. Our community is inherently a self-sustaining community and there really is not anything we cannot accomplish together.

We are partially self-funded but do require a large influx of support and donations to get this started. We do however intend to be self-sustaining through our projects as quickly as possible by leveraging the experience and expertise of our supporters to create and grow businesses that will be operated by those who are ready and seeking employment.  This is bigger than just a few people. This foundation is truly for the greater good.  


 We currently have office space provided by a donor and are searching for a more permanent rural property near-by that will provide a peaceful and natural setting conducive to rehabilitation and healing. 


At arrival they will get everything they need including a room, fresh clothes, food and access to amenities. After a period of rest they will meet with our professional triage staff to determine the best path forward as no two cases are the same. The guest may stay with us and enter our holistic healing path or may be transported to a different organization that may be better suited to their needs.



The Founders 




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